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Professional Wedding Photographer
London and Essex

The Finest Photography Experience

Wedding photography starts from £2,000 (Full-service photography). 

Whether it is capturing unspoken moments, or knowing what angle to take, yes, I can put a lot of this down to my training and experience. However, when it comes to photographing women and weddings, as a female photographer, I rely on my woman’s intuition to ensure that my client is comfortable, relaxed and happy with the results. 

Take a look at the wedding photos and see how I can help you capture the best day of your life. 

Kim Rix Photography covers London and Essex and destination weddings worldwide. 

I am also available for corporate events and conference photography worldwide.

If you are looking for an experienced reportage or documentary-style wedding photographer, please call Kim Rix today!

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A Ninja and Silent Assassin!!

Because I'm so petite, I have had to adapt my photography style to give myself the best advantage to capture the important moments. I usually carry a step-ladder with me to a wedding, and I have also been known to stand on window ledges to get a bit of height...and capture the best angles.


 I am pretty nimble on my feet and can work a room quickly - which is why I have been called a ‘ninja’ and a 'dynamo'.


I have also been called a ‘silent assassin’, by clients who forgot I was there - and when they saw the wedding album for the first time, they asked "how on earth did you get that shot?"


There is so much scope to have creative fun with your wedding photography. I promise, you’ll be delighted when you look through your wedding album for the first time. I always have a box of tissues handy!

UK or Destination Wedding Photography

Living in South Woodford, I am based on the border of Essex and London. However, I enjoy travelling worldwide, especially for a destination wedding - a Caribbean wedding, for example.


Travelling and photography are in my blood!

If you are looking for a female wedding photographer for your multi-venue wedding, you are in the right place. After your 'getting ready'photography, I will make my way to your wedding venue, and to your reception venue. I'm happy to accompany you for honeymoon photography, if you wish.

Reach out to me by email or call 020 8989 4886.

Wedding photography starts from £2,000 for full-service photography, at home or abroad.

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Let's start planning your wedding photography

Now, if you’ve just got engaged and started planning your wedding, congratulations! However, I don’t want to put a dampener on things, but bear in mind that after the honeymoon is over, and you’ve sent out the ‘thank you’ cards to your guests and start settling into married life, all you will be left with are the photographs you had taken to keep the memories of your perfect day alive...

Don't leave it until the last minute to book your wedding photographer. The really good ones are few and far between!

Call 020 8989 4886 so that we can give you the finest, personalised and customised wedding photography experience possible.

Wedding photography starts from £2,000 for full-service photography, at home or abroad.

Wedding Photography Style


Choosing the right wedding photographer is really important. After all there are a lot of us around and we seem to offer similar, yet not identical, things.


My style is called reportage, or documentary. I go with the flow and capture moments as they happen. I will tell your story!


Remember, I'm also a ninja and silent assassin. I'm invested 110% in capturing some of the most important memories you'll ever have.

My best advice would be to choose the photographer you will feel most comfortable with. If you don’t feel totally relaxed and happy with your photographer, you won’t get the best results.

Contact Kim Rix Photography Today!

Are you looking for a professional photographer? Kim Rix Photography specialises in weddings, conferences and event photography! We would love to capture memories that will last a lifetime! Please get in touch today!

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