Why Your Event Needs a Professional Event Photographer

Updated: Mar 4

You’ve sorted the venue, chosen the catering and decided on a theme, but have you booked your event photographer yet?

Summer is over and our thoughts are starting to turn to the party season. Whether it’s a Halloween fancy dress ball, a Bonfire Night shindig or the classic office Christmas do, you’ll get far more out of your event with a professional taking the photos. It’s not just for weddings, you know! Here’s why.

Why Your Event Needs a Professional Event Photographer

Images showcase your brand

We all know that 99.9% of successful business these days have a strong social media presence, and key to getting a good response to your posts is a great image. If you’re putting on an event for your business, be it a party, charity auction or team-building day, it’s going to provide material for your social media.

Not only will photos taken by an event photographer sell your brand many times better than a series of amateur snaps, but a professional will give you great value for money by taking imaginative shots you can use in many different contexts.

You’ll have hands-free fun

You’ve put your heart and soul into making this event a success, so why ruin your fun by experiencing your party through the lens of your phone’s camera? Let your event photographer do the work while you catch up with old friends and family or concentrate on doing some valuable networking.

You won’t miss the great shots

Though more and more phones come with great cameras, none will beat the equipment and expertise of a professional event photographer. There’s nothing duller than clicking through 50 photos of people standing next to each other, smiling awkwardly for the camera.

My clients refer to me as the ‘ninja’ because I’m practised at getting in amongst the crowd for those stand-out shots without anyone noticing I’m there! As an experienced professional, I can spot the interesting moments and frame them perfectly in a split second. If you’re up there giving a confident speech to an enraptured audience, you want someone who’s going to capture that. And who would want to miss that loving glance between Mum and Dad on their 50th wedding anniversary?

Coroporate event photoshoot

Your guests will thank you

“OMG, I look terrible in that photo!” Now that’s the kind of comment you definitely don’t want on your social media feed. A happy client is a repeat client and we all love seeing photos that show us at our best. When you use a professional event photographer, you won’t get unflattering photos of people shovelling down pudding or doing a dodgy dance move; you’ll get photos that your clients will want to share and retweet.

To book your professional wedding or event photography call Kim Rix on +44 020 8989 4886.


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