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Updated: Mar 14

Wedding Photography Consultations come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. That is, a consultation meeting could be held at any venue, and could take any amount of time.

I look at Wedding Photography Consultations as a great opportunity to learn as much as possible about the couple. I love meeting for the first time and hearing their life stories. I always ask how they met, how he proposed, etc. Then, because of my background as a wedding planner, I also enjoy hearing how the planning is coming along, who is doing it and what their vision looks like for their wedding day. But as a photographer, what I really need to know is what your dream wedding photography looks like – and how can I help you make your memories precious?

Normally speaking, if a bride and groom choose to work with me, I might then meet with them once or twice before their actual wedding day – it might be more. I generally go with the flow because I recognise everyone has different needs.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding photography consultations. Every meeting is an opportunity. It doesn’t matter whether I’m doing 2 hours or 10 hours wedding photography - we still have to discuss your needs, your expectations and, I will be equally as committed to making your memories precious.

Bedsides, it works both ways – the more opportunities I am given to get to know you, the better it is for more relaxed wedding photography.

Handing Over the Queensbury

I always ask the bride & groom to come to me for their initial wedding photography consultation – at my home address in South Woodford, where I now have a ‘Showroom’. That way, I can show them sample wedding albums and other beautiful ways to make their memories precious.

Thereafter, if the bride and groom want to move forward to discuss the wedding photography contract, or would like to introduce me to other family members, I am happy to meet them wherever the couple suggest – South Woodford, their home or even at their wedding venue.

Last month, I photographed Sally & Mark’s wedding in Chigwell. I was hired for two hours wedding photography. But prior to the wedding day, I met Sally four times – two wedding photography consultations with her mother to discuss the nitty-gritty details, and a further two meetings with her husband-to-be.

The final meeting was at St Mary’s Church in Chigwell, where we spent time exploring the area and doing a little photography pre-planning. That was the most worthwhile opportunity.

Sally has kindly given me permission to use a few images.

If you are getting married, please get in touch. To book a wedding photography consultation, call me on 0208 989 4886.

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