The Unplugged Wedding

Updated: Mar 4

Until 5 minutes ago, I had never heard of the term ‘the unplugged wedding’. My understanding is that ‘unplugged’ means the absence of devices - that’s no iphones, no ipads, no pocket cameras or no camera other than that of your professional wedding photographer.

We are in a digital age, so in a way it’s hardly surprising, but, I feel a bit shocked to read that it has reached the stage where couples have had to ask their guests to put down their cameras and smartphones. It’s quite sad to think that things have got this bad.

I applaud all those brides who have had the courage to ask this of their guests, and I’m also delighted to find that someone has had the courage to say what the rest of us are thinking… well, mostly us professional photographers I suspect.

No, I’m not about to start writing about the trials and tribulations of being a wedding photographer or regale you with Uncle Bob stories. I’m just going to make it my mission for 2022 to do my own thing – and be brilliant at it.

Handing Over the Queensbury

We are in an evolving digital age and, as a professional wedding photographer I know that I have to evolve with it. I will admit, I’m not very comfortable with the idea of an officiant conducting the ceremony from an Ipad, or the idea of someone reading their vows off an iPhone. I don’t think it makes for very attractive photos with guests waiving their cameras at the key moments, which means they are not fully present in the moment, feeling the love or listening to what the officiant is saying. What can I say… I’m an old-fashioned gal, and a real romantic at heart.

I choose the clients I want to work with. I know that my clients appreciate good photography and beautiful quality albums. I have invested a lot of time and money in producing sample wedding albums, so I can show prospective clients what you can expect to receive.

Unplugged or Plugged. Whatever your wedding looks like, I will capture YOUR day and your guests exactly the way YOU want.

Kim Rix Photography

“Making Memories Precious”


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