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Updated: Mar 14

Dear Brides,

Are you the kind of person who only ever buys the best for yourself? Have you ever been in the position where heard about something and you instantly knew you wanted it? Well, that’s what happened to me with Queensberry albums. As soon as I heard that they were the best in the world, and that Queensberry albums are exquisite, bespoke, handmade photographic albums, I knew immediately that that is where I want to align my own wedding photography business. So, I signed up to be a partner, joining the ranks of other UK photographers such as Brett Harkness and Firehorse and all their other partner photographers around the world.

I love that it’s a woman owned business, created by Heather Baugh, but more so, the fact that it focuses on the customer’s experience of their wedding and the pleasure of possessing beautiful objects that reflect and express them.

But Heather’s right. It's not about albums. In the end it's not even about photography – it's about the story those images convey. I couldn’t agree more.

Handing Over the Queensbury

I am an expressive person, passionate about what I do. I feel quite emotional when I say that I truly believe that my own core values and personal style are in line with Queenberry’s and that’s why I wanted to join them.

Being a wedding photographer means that I am in the business of fairy tales, love stories and special moments… and I absolutely want my brides to have an amazing experience with me. For me, the pleasure also comes from creating a legacy, and handing over an album of such awe-inspiring quality, and watching faces light up as the bride and groom delicately flick through and relive their special day.

Like Brett Harkness, I want to be an exceptional photographer and I’m really looking forward to working with Queensberry, crafting memories into treasured objects for you, the bride, to enjoy and share forever.

Kim Rix Photography

Making Memories Precious


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