Preparing for a Winter Wedding

Updated: Mar 4

Are you planning a winter wedding? With Christmas and New Year being the most popular times of the year for popping the question, I’m guessing that quite a few of you are newly engaged. If so, huge congratulations!

The average period between engagement and wedding is around a year, so you may well want to consider a winter wedding. Despite the cold—and often wet—weather, a winter wedding is not only wonderfully romantic, but also visually spectacular thanks to the seasonal sparkle and Christmas decorations. Here are some tips to make your wedding album a cracker (sorry!)…

Winter weather isn’t always great but that’s part of the charm. Use warm, yellow lights rather than bright harsh ones to emphasise the warmth of the occasion in contrast to the cold and dark outside. Make sure your winter wedding photographs include that contrast between the two. I love photographing the bride as she walks from the darkness into a venue full of light and love.

Make the most of the season. Don’t just stick to photographs of the bride, groom and guests—build up a real story of the day. Get close ups of Christmas decorations at home as you’re preparing for the big day. Remember, it doesn’t need to be the day itself—you could photograph the planning stages as you put together wedding favours or pick the floral arrangements. Why not get a personalised tree bauble made and photograph it hanging on your Christmas tree?

Winter textures also make great photographs. Focus in on a bridal faux fur wrap, the softness of a sheepskin rug, or the folds of a cosy tartan blanket. Outside, capture frost on leaves, raindrops on a spider’s web and the little bridesmaids and page boys puffing into the cold air to see their breath.

Find the humorous moments in your winter wedding! Whether it’s the moment the bride lifts the hem of her stunning dress to reveal welly boots, or the moment that a well-timed snowball hits the best man on the back of the head, the season can offer plenty of laughs. Don’t forget to capture them in your photos!

Preparing for a Winter Wedding

Above all, book your wedding photographer early! To speak to me about your perfect winter wedding album, call +44 208 989 4886

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