Planning the Perfect Proposal Photoshoot

Updated: Mar 4

Everyone remembers a really romantic “Will you marry me?”, but how often do you see the proposal photos? With February the 14th fast approaching, why not get someone in on the secret to record that special moment – or go the whole hog and hire a professional to make sure your proposal photos zoom in on exactly the right details (no fingers over the lens or blurred shots!)

Planning the Perfect Proposal Photoshoot

Here are some tips to make sure your proposal shoot all goes to plan.

Firstly, know what the answer is going to be! You don’t want to risk your proposal photos ending up as a documentary of your big fat rejection. Read the signs beforehand and perhaps test the water with a few subtle questions.

So, you’ve booked a table at the most romantic restaurant in town, or bought your ticket to an extra special attraction. Make sure the venue is in on it if you need help for everything to go to plan. Everyone loves a romantic gesture, so it shouldn’t be too hard to persuade them to play along.

Make sure there’s somewhere for the photographer to be anonymous – it’ll look suspicious (and more than a bit creepy) if it’s just you, your loved one and someone lurking with a camera!

Do a recce of good angles beforehand. You won’t want to show off those proposal photos if they’ve caught either of you on your worst side, so think about where you want your photographer to stand.

Risk assess – if your loved one is a slow sipper or a dainty eater, you might just get away with hiding the ring in food or drink. But it’s a risky game. Choking on a diamond isn’t going to put anyone in the mood for love and won’t make proposal photos you’ll sigh over 40 years later!

Last of all, have a signal for the photographer so they know when to start snapping.

Over the years I’ve picked up the nickname Ninja, as I’m known for getting great photos without anyone noticing I’m there! To book me for your proposal photo shoot, contact me at or call on +44 02089894886

Good luck!

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