Planning an Essex Country Wedding?

Updated: Mar 4

If you are currently planning your Essex country wedding for 2022, may I suggest to you Leez Priory as venue of choice. A gorgeous 16th century Tudor Mansion set in 40 acres of parkland and lakes, Leez Priory is ideal for the perfect Essex country wedding. This stunning building and grounds is perfect for all seasons as there are 6 locations to choose from, including the Great Tower and a roaring fire for autumn and winter and a pretty courtyard for spring and summer.

Leez Priory is also the perfect setting for those extra special moments including firework displays and the release of sky lanterns.

With acres of land, and an array of stunning backdrops to choose from, your Essex country wedding comes to life at this venue. There are so many photographic opportunities, you really are spoiled for choice, and you end up with a vast selection of stunning images to choose from.

Planning an Essex Country Wedding - Leez Priory

Vicky and Spencer, a lovely couple whose Essex country wedding that I photographed, and who I was introduced through haute couture fashion designer Grace Bardin, who designed Vicky’s stunning dress and veil held their special day at Leez Priory. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t permitting, so I was unable to take many photos of the outdoor surroundings, however I was able to take some beautiful images inside the grand house and was able to capture beautiful reportage shots with the stunning, historical decor. Also, because of the warmth of the log fire, the guests were comfortable and were more responsive in terms of photography. I was delighted when the flower girls pulled me aside and asked me to take their portrait.

I would thoroughly recommend Leez Priory for your Essex country wedding, as it really does have everything on offer. Perfect surroundings, beautiful decor and amazing opportunities for stunning photography. All the things you need to make your special day shine.

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