Little Known Ways to Sustainable Asian Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days in your life. You want every aspect it to be perfect. From the venue and décor to finding that perfect photographer, it’s crucial you make all the right decisions. If you’re an Asian bride, you’ve just stumbled upon the perfect wedding photographer.

I am Kim Rix, an award-winning photographer based in London. I have been in the industry for over 12 years and have photographed my different types of weddings. I'm gradually working my way through my wedding photography wishlist. But earlier this year I made a decision to focus on Asian weddings. The journey from that point forward has been a colourful one and started with a stunning Asian wedding at North Mymms Park, London.

When we think of Asian weddings, we immediately imagine a big, glamorous extravaganza that is far from sustainable. In the middle of all celebrations, people often forget about the waste produced as a by-product of Asian weddings. To take one step towards an eco-friendlier system, I offer sustainable Asian wedding photography. I know there is more to sustainability that just this, but small steps like these can make a huge difference.

To offer the best sustainable photography, I am always taking appropriate measures to remove my carbon footprint.

How, you ask? Keep on reading:

Going Paperless

There is a lot of admin and paperwork that’s involved with wedding photography. Our contracts, invoices, photography shoot list and other documents are all done online.

I offer my couples different types of wedding portraits....these days we can print on all kinds of materials and fabrics including acrylic, metal, wood. Of course, traditional prints are the most popular - our quality of prints is top-grade, and we always make sure to use professional paper that is of the highest standards. Sustainability surely doesn’t mean compromising on quality!

Video Calls

The pandemic is now behind us but it taught us that so much can be done via Zoom calls which was great for sustainability. I am a big people person, so even if we were to be connected via a video call, it wouldn't take away from the personal service. That said, if you want me to travel to meet you in person, that would be my personal preference any day of the week.

Luxury and personal service is the name of the game, so expect nothing less from me.

It's a small step forward - we've all got to start somewhere. These are some of the steps I have been taking to offer sustainable Asian wedding photography.

If you've got more ideas, give me a call on +44 208 989 4886. Or let's meet in person for a coffee and friendly chat.

Kim Rix

Kim Rix Photography

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