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Updated: Mar 4

There's usually a lull, whilst the wedding photo's are being taken. How do you keep the remaining guests happy?

Dear Bride and Groom,

Everyone loves a good wedding, and I promise everybody will love yours, but if there is ever a complaint I hear most from guests it is always about having to ‘wait around’.

Of course, your guest’s enjoyment and experience is paramount to your wedding so you’ll want to put your guests comfort first.

There is inevitably always going to be a little time when your guests will be waiting for a short time whilst you are having your photos taken. You can of course be smart about it and recognize where these lulls may occur and organise a little activity or distraction to keep them occupied.

In my ten year experience, the largest lull is always between the ceremony and wedding breakfast when typically speaking, the bride and groom disappear with their photographer.

If you are having the reception at a different venue from the ceremony then a little of the time will be taken up by traveling and the rest with a lovely champagne or drinks reception when they arrive. It will also take a little time to get settled in to the new venue and for guests to find their way around.

Handing Over the Queensbury

If you are having the reception in the same venue as the ceremony then a little more activity may be needed to occupy your guests for this short waiting period.

Why not look into creating a little treasure hunt, fun quiz or getting to know you game? Remember the one where you get a famous person’s name and stick it to your forehead then have to ask questions to find out who you are? Silly, yes. But a fabulous ice-breaker, very simple and super easy to manage!

If you’re in a unique or unusual venue then the simplest thing to do would be to offer a short guided tour of the building and its grounds. Most buildings of this nature will happily provide this service – some guides may even dress in the period of the day and give a much livelier performance than a talk.

If there are substantial grounds or garden areas that you can use then it might be a refreshing idea to provide some lawn games alongside an outside drinks reception. A lovely English favorite would be sipping Pimms, nibbling some fresh strawberries and playing a little croquet. You can also hire giant outdoor chess sets, jenga or other games to try.

As a wedding photographer, I am always conscious about time-keeping, and not keeping my bride & groom away from their guests for too long.

Next week, I would like to discuss a different solution - the pros and cons of having your photos taken before the ceremony, not after. I’ve noticed this trend is becoming quite popular with brides!

Kind regards,

Kim Rix Photography

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