Handing Over the Queensbury

Updated: Mar 4

Last week, my bride came to collect her Queensberry wedding Album. Normally speaking, I would personally hand-deliver the album, but on this occasion, she insisted on doing the driving. I knew it would be an emotional moment for her, seeing her album for the first time, but I hadn’t fully anticipated just how emotional it would be for me too, handing over that gorgeous heirloom which is now a piece of her family history.

It is the second Queensberry Album I have made for a bride, and on both occasions, I felt a pull on my heart-strings. Not that I’ve ever had first-hand experience, but I can only imagine and liken the feeling to a surrogate mother handing over a baby to its intended parents. Sorry if that sounds weird - suffice to say, I absolutely love Queensberry Albums and feel a real connection with them.

Before I handed it to her, I did two things. Firstly, I poured two glasses of champagne, then I gave her a pristine pair of white gloves to wear.

In the same way that a wedding is something you never forget; the experience lives with you for years - I’ll never forget the look of anticipation on her face, as she slipped on the gloves, opened the presentation box, and took the Queensberry out of its velvet cover – the sheer delight on her face will live with me forever.

Handing Over the Queensbury

She commented on the sumptuous cover, as she ran her fingers over it, feeling her name embossed in the leather. She opened the album, immediately admiring the pearl paper. Then silence. She turned a second page. Still silence. Then, giving me a bit of a fright, just as she was turning the third page, she burst into tears and quickly shut the album – and before I could ask what was wrong she said “I’ve got to close it because I don’t want to drip tears on it”. She cried it was so beautiful and that she was reliving the day. To my relief, they were tears of joy. Then just before she resumed looking at the album, she leant over and gave me a hug saying “thank you, Kim”.

That hug meant so much to me, words cannot express. I love working with brides, and I love being associated with Queensberry – it’s a real privilege - they are all about being the best -creating the best bespoke albums in the world and I share their goal , to make each page you turn one to remember.

If you would like your wedding memories captured, and transformed into a beautiful heirloom that you can feel proud of, give me a call – Kim Rix on +44 0208 989 4886.

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