Budgeting For Your Wedding Photography.

Updated: Mar 4

Being one of the most important dates in a woman’s life, a wedding is something that has to be approached with great care. Every little detail matters. One very important element of the planning stages is budgeting; if you’re not careful, you may run into difficulties later.

Speaking with a wedding industry colleague earlier this week, I learned that one of his clients had cancelled her wedding photography and asked her friend to take a few photos because she’d run massively over budget and run out of money!

First of all, figure out your budget! Whether you’re paying for everything yourselves, or sharing the costs with parents – get a number. When you have the number, you need to list every single aspect of the wedding and get your phone voice ready – because you’re going to have to get quotes from all of your services for the day.

The point I want to make today is to make sure you think seriously your wedding photography and go for quality over price. Also, don’t leave booking your photographer until the last minute, when you’re down to your last £500 of your budget.

There are no hard and fast rules or right or wrongs when it comes to how much you should spend on your wedding photography. There are lots of considerations….

  • How important is the photography to you?

  • What do you want to get out of your photography – album, frames?

  • What time of year you are getting married – Summer or off-season?

  • How long to you want your wedding photographer to be with you on the day?

Handing Over the Queensbury

As a general rule of thumb, your photography should be 10% of your budget or more. Some say 20% even. My advice, aim for 15% which gives you the option to use what is left in the budget pot to increase the size of your album after the wedding.

I’ve had a lot of brides tell me how pain-staking an exercise it was to have to reject pictures that they loved, simply because they could only afford to have a 20 page album.

It is also possible that you decide that you would like a smaller copy or two of the wedding album to give to your parents or in-laws as a keepsake ‘thank you’ gift. Don’t forget to budget for that!

Women to woman, I can’t stress enough that your wedding is the most important day of your life and the images and your wedding album will take you back to that day and will be shared with your family, and future generations.

If you are getting married and would like to invest in preserving your memories, please get in touch to discuss the options available to you. Call me on +44 0208 989 4886.

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