Being a photographer at a Nigerian Wedding

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Nigerian weddings are fun, exciting, vibrant and extremely upbeat. They are a chance for all of the family to reunite and celebrate togetherness, love and union. Nigerian weddings mark an important date in the Nigerian community, and extensive amounts of planning go into the wedding to ensure that it is as big and as beautiful as possible. It truly is a celebration.

I love photographing Nigerian weddings. There is so much going on, it is difficult to know what to photograph first, but that’s the fun of it. You get caught up in the bustle and atmosphere of the entire wedding, and you get swept away in the commotion and excitement of the whole event, which makes for fantastic and raw photography.

It isn’t just the emotion that creates beautiful photography at Nigerian Weddings. The vibrancy of Nigerian Weddings really highlights the liveliness of the event. The use of bright colours and stunning, yet traditional food and decorations, create definition within the images and make for fantastic photographic focal points, which look stunning once compiled into albums.

Being a photographer at a Nigerian Wedding

Lola and Tosin, a wonderful Nigerian couple, who I photographed a few years ago, hosted a fabulous Nigerian Wedding. The wedding reception, which took place at Addington Palace, in the Royal Marquee, had close to 700 guests attend. Which, as you can imagine, had me darting all over the place. I was exhausted, but had a fantastic time. My favourite moment, was incredibly opportunistic, Lola and Tosin arrived at Addington Palace in a Rolls Royce, and whilst they were still sitting in it, I jumped into the drivers seat and captured a beautiful portrait. I was thrilled!

Nigerian Weddings have been some of the most touching and interesting weddings that I have had the privilege to photograph. There are so many visual elements, which create perfect imagery, and the atmosphere, complete with Nigerian music, which I just love, just shines through in the final photography. Also, it is a joy to capture the guests. Every time I turn around, there is someone laughing, smiling or entertaining. If I could, I would photograph Nigerian Weddings everyday!

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