7 Ways to Propose

Updated: Mar 4

Let me start off by saying there’s no right way or wrong way to propose to someone. But when you’ve finally met the girl or guy of your dreams, someone you’d want to spend the rest of your life with and can’t wait to pop the big question you’ll want to do it in the best way imaginable because they’re worth it. To help you pop the big question we’ve compiled the 7 best ways to propose and win her heart for good.

Candle light Dinner

Classic, Cliché & Romantic. We’ve seen people proposing over a candle light dinner countless times in movies and dramas, I’ve even some happen in real life for a very good reason. Asking your partner to marry you over a candle light dinner is one of the safest yet most romantic ways to propose. Turn down the lights, light some candles and turn your partners favorite romantic song on and you’ll surely have a better chance.

Breakfast Proposal

One of the best ways to propose is popping the question after spending a night of passion, love and romance followed by a homemade breakfast and heartfelt words. Keeping the love going through the night to the morning and blow any hesitation your partner has away – a breakfast proposal is best way to go.

Make A game Out of It

Alright, being romantic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In these cases you need to use your head. Why not make your proposal a jigsaw puzzle or a scavenger hunt for her. Get family and friends involved and drop small hints every time she find an item or puts a piece of the puzzle together. Try to make her relive all the amazing moments the two of you have shared and all the more you can share in the future.

Ride & Destination

Want to do something more exciting? Take her for a ride! As the two of you reach wherever you want to pop the big question keep talking about all the amazing memories you made and all the more you can make and how much you love her. Decorate the place you’ve decided to take the leap of faith with flowers, lights or anything that would make your love for your partner show.

Special Place

Do you have a special place? A place you met for the first time? A place where you had the best time of your life? A place that holds sentimental value? If yes, then that’s the perfect place to ask the big question. It will definitely move your partner and become a memory you’ll cherish for your life.

Hide The Ring

Can’t bring yourself to propose face to face but still want to try and be romantic when you propose? Why not hide the ring in things your soon to be uses day – to – day. Who wouldn’t love to find a gold ring with a diamond as they try to pour some ketchup or some juice.

By The Seaside

One of the most romantic ways to pop the big question is to do it by the sea. It is not just extremely romantic but also shows your partner that after all the time you’ve been together your passion for her love still is as strong as ever.

A proposal is one of the biggest steps you can take in life and depending on how it goes it can become your happiest memory. So why not capture it? Capturing the moment as you get down on your knees and ask for her hand in marriage is not just extremely romantic but will also immortalize the moment for you and your soon to be to look back on and reminisce.

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