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Kim Rix - Ninja Photographer

A warm welcome and congratulations on your engagement. 

I'm an award-winning photographer based in London, but I'll go anywhere around the world with my camera if you ask. 

My love-affair with photography started way back in 1990 at my brother's wedding in Boston, USA. I took a photo of my recently divorced parents, arms linked, big smiles, walking down the aisle. It was a picture I thought I'd never see. Then, I took a photo, catching the exact moment my mother gave me a cheeky wink, as if to say 'no problem, we're all good'.

Since then, my camera has travelled everywhere with me - that's over eighty countries - because I'm a bit of a travel-addict.


You might be wondering about the 'ninja'. It's a nickname I was given by one of my couples who commented on the photos I had taken from some unexpected angles. I have been known to stand on window ledges and other high places to get the best shots!


I've also been called a 'silent assassin'. "How on earth did you get that shot?" my bride asked. "That's my super-power", I replied.

"You're a dynamo" one bride told me, referring to my nimble ability to work a room capturing everyone at the event.

I have a corporate background but my entrepreneurial spirit was unleashed in 2002 when I started a wedding & event planning business. Naturally, I grew an eye for a picture and now I love photographing people in celebration mode. Kim Rix Photography was born in 2010.


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More about me

💎I spent the first six months in a Mother & Baby home, and was adopted at six months old in 1969.

💎My birth name was Ruby.

💎 I'm a perfectly petite 4"11 inches.

💎 I'm an Aquarius. My birthstone is amethyst but I prefer rubies and emeralds any day!

💎On behalf of the Independent Adoption Society, I met Princess Alexandra and gave her a bouquet of flowers. It was the premiere screening of JAWS in 1976.

💎I am a travel addict. I have visited over 80 countries and still have at least thirty countries on my bucket list to visit. 

💎 My favourite place in the world is Mogok, Myanmar (Burma) but I love Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand too. 

💎 In 2018, I drove 4,445 kms solo in a Jucy Crib around the Outback, Australia.

💎 Astrology is a hobbyof mine. Since 2014, I have been going to Astrocamp in the Brecon Beacons to learn about the sky at night.

💎 I went to Rwanda for my 40th birthday to photograph the gorillas in their natural habitat. 

💎 I'm a gemmologist. I had to test and identify over 2000 gemstones to pass my GIA exam 2016. 

💎 Since 2017, I have written and published a travel guide series called Gemstone Detective

💎 During lockdown (2021) I started a new hobby - metal detecting. My best find so far is a silver Venetian Soldino coin- about 500 years old.


It would be an honour to play a small part in the creation of your family heirloom.


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My Photography Wish List 

💎 Disney-themed wedding, such as Frozen or Little Mermaid

💎 Safari wedding (in the bush), Africa 

💎 The Shard, London  DONE

💎 Caribbean Beach wedding  DONE

💎 Winter Wonderland wedding 

💎 British Royal wedding

💎 Holland Park engagement shoot, London  DONE

💎 Lover's Deep Luxury Submarine, St Lucia

💎 Buri Al Arab in Dubai, UAE

💎 Cathedral wedding  DONE

💎 Las Vegas Carnival, Nevada

💎 Archipelago of Fiji - Laucala Island

💎 Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India

💎 Ledge in the Grand Canyon, USA

💎 Royal Nigerian wedding  DONE

💎 Hindu wedding  DONE

💎 Muslim wedding  DONE

💎 Mad Hatter's Tea party wedding

💎Venice or Mardi Gras festive theme

💎 Super Yacht 

💎 Great Wall of China

💎The Taj Mahal, India

💎 Machu Picchu, Peru (where I spent my honeymoon in 2006)

It would be an honour to photograph your wedding.


No destination is too far.