Photographic Products and Keepsakes

I am a Product Photographer because I believe in making memories precious. When you visit my showroom, you will be able to view the exclusive collection of stunning keepsakes that I offer for your portraits. Your chosen product will be handcrafted, and your portraits are delicately mounted and presented, providing you with a beautiful gift and family heirloom. Your product will be completely bespoke and created to your requirements.

I provide various products, and I understand the importance of displaying your portraits in your home. Whether you are looking for a focal point, or an individual framed print, your portraits, and memories will be beautifully protected and presented. To book an appointment to view any of my products, or to request to view a specific product, please contact me, and I will be happy to discuss.

Three inch canvas wrap
This modern and stylish canvas wrap is the perfect way to display your favourite family portrait.
30″x40″ – £756
60″x40″ – £1,155   <- Most popular

As a product photographer, the three inch canvas is my favourite. However, if you want to choose a less intrusive canvas for your portrait, The Chunky, which is a traditional canvas wrap, or the Canvas Wrap Round are better options, as they are smaller and more lightweight.

The Cubix
The most popular of my acrylic products, the Cubix is designed for your office desk, or coffee table. What I love best about the Cubix, is that it is a wonderfully straight forward product. It is created by mounting your portrait onto a 5” deep crystal clear acrylic box, which is the epitome of luxury. Presented in a stunning gift box, the acrylic makes for the perfect I love you, Thank you, or just because…

5″x5″ – £175

Box Frames
Simple, elegant and oozing appeal and class; the Box Frame, as well as the Multi Box Frame, is the perfect alternative to the canvas wrap. The Box Frame creates a unique, off the wall effect that keeps your entire image neatly tucked into the frame moulding, making it the perfect accessory to your home.
30″x20″ – £375
40″x60″ – £775  <- Most popular

Coloured Edge Blocks
The design of the Coloured Edge Blocks is complex and intricate, which is reflected in the final product. What makes the Coloured Edge Blocks special is the easy to use hanging kit. This enables your portrait to stand proud from the wall leaving behind a drop shadow, and leaving your guests wondering in amazement.  I love a bit of magic.

24″x20″ – £230
40″x60″ – £525

Portrait Box

Portrait boxes are beautiful gifts, and are extremely popular with families. They are often created for going away presents for family member or friends who are embarking on their gap years, as beautiful mementos and can be easily packed but not so easily damaged.

12″x10″  and 16″x12″ – from £400. Minimum 5 prints. Really popular