Making Memories Precious

Kim RixPIN

I believe in Making Memories Precious.

What you can expect

Anyone with a camera can capture a moment in time – I will help you tell your STORY.

I take the time to step out from behind the camera to learn more about what makes you unique.

I have over 10 years experience in the wedding/event industry so I know trust, reliability and integrity are fundamentals to creating happy memories with you.

Heirlooms are priceless, so quality is non-negotiable.


Kim Rix

There are two things in life that I am passionate about – photography and gemology.

I am a GIA Graduate Gemologist as well as a Photographer, wife and chief cat-cuddler.

I feel strongly about making memories precious. Whilst growing up, my father made six family albums showing all our family holidays, birthday parties and school portraits. I get so much joy looking back through them, which is why I want the same for you. Those albums are priceless to me. They are also our family legacy.

I am adopted and have four siblings. My parents are divorced. I have been married to Steven for ten years. Our joint interests are few, but they do say ‘opposites attract’. He loves ironing, washes the dirty dishes and never fails to bring me a cuppa tea in the morning – what more can a gal want?

If you like what other people have said about working with me, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you. Call 0208 989 4886.

Here are a few photos of me:-

Kim RixPIN

1969. I was just adopted, probably a few months old.

Kim RixPIN

1977 at Gable Cottage in Naphill. That’s me, with my two elder brothers and younger sister.

Kim RixPIN

My husband took me to Mauritius.

Kim and Steven RixPIN

One of my favourite memories. Steven took me to the Bahamas, where he proposed to me.

Kim RixPIN

My hen-weekend in Tallin, with my very good friend Nicole.

Kim Rix WeddingPIN

My wedding day at the Ironmongers Hall near the Barbican, London. Summer 2006.

Kim RixPIN

Just Married – now Mrs Rix – on our honeymoon in Peru, standing with the iconic Machu Picchu behind us.

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